Keith Michael Kallina Biography

Heart-wrenching cries from a fiddle dance around the steady backbeat of the drums. The lonesome strum of an acoustic guitar pushes and pulls with the familiar twang of red-dirt lead guitar lines. These elements seamlessly come together to create the colorful and dynamic background for the centerpiece of Texas singer-songwriter Keith Michael Kallina’s music - the story. Keith’s unwavering commitment to authenticity powers his songwriting and leaves a distinct mark on his music that keeps faithful audiences coming back for more time and time again. 


Based in the Brazos Valley of central Texas, Keith Michael Kallina, also known as KMK, was brought up steeped in the rich traditions of small-town Texas life. Much like the influences he cites, such as Turnpike Troubadours, Whiskey Myers, and Cody Jinks, Keith has etched out a unique sound and path that he can call his own. His path has seen personal troubles, long stretches of time on the road, and moments of solace derived from the love of creating music. In 2015, after years of growing problems with substance abuse, Keith reached a breaking point. “It led me to some very dark places”, the Texas troubadour shares. “Staying loaded had become more important than following my dreams.” After finally hitting rock bottom, Keith came to terms with the truth in front of him. If he wanted to play music at the level he wanted, the drugs had to go. 


Allowing the struggles of his past to serve as a catalyst of inspiration, their influence naturally played a major role in shaping the tone of his debut recording project. In November of 2019, Keith broke into the Texas music scene with a colorful mosaic of stories titled ‘Authentic’. The seven-track collection introduces Keith and the realities of life as a working musician. Through vivid descriptions of love lost and found, battling of personal demons, and well-weathered stories of life on the road, Keith Michael Kallina bares his soul in a way that is relatable yet distinctly his own. 


The debut single from the project ‘Go Crazy’ takes the listener through the phases of a relationship: the courting, the passion, and the breakup. The song tells the tale of a side-effect of love that we all know - the basic tendency to go crazy. Weeping, beautiful violin melodies give way to growling lead guitars as Keith shares his story of romance. The track has seen significant attention since its release, gathering support from the likes of Texas Regional Radio Report, Traction Texas, Texas Music Pickers, and has broken into several top 100 charts. 


At times upbeat and lighthearted, other times deep and introspective, ‘Authentic’ encompasses a full range of emotions, and provides a glimpse into the psyche of an artist beginning to tap into the truth of his own experience. It is uniquely KMK - the ability to rip and roar when times are good, and the willingness to dive deep into his soul when the light goes dim. Which means you’re in for a ride. 

-  Bio by Michael Witt